What is OSCAR?

OSCAR is an automotive aftermarket electronic parts catalogue (EPC) from Autoinfo. The OSCAR program allows you to identify vehicles based on their registration numbers and the state the vehicle is registered in, or 17-digit VIN. OSCAR’s BuyerAssist feature allows your suppliers to activate pricing and stock availability, to give you the most up to date information.



Before you can start ordering on OSCAR, we need to create you an APG account. To get this process underway, and speak with an account manager, simply fill out your details below.

OSCAR’s BuyerAssist

All APG customers can request to have OSCAR’s BuyerAssist feature activated on their accounts.

BuyerAssist activated APG customers can see our Stock Levels and Pricing while logged into their OSCAR account. That gives you ultimate flexibility to procure your parts how you want.


OSCAR’s Buyer Assist function allows APG clients to view pricing for our complete range of Genuine, Certified, and Aftermarket parts right in OSCAR. That means less time swapping between programs to find the right deal for you, and more savings in time and money.

Stock Availability

See APG’s full stock availability while you browse OSCAR using OSCAR’s Buyer Assist function. That gives you greater control over your supply chain and means ordering parts comes with the guarantee of stock on hand, letting you move on with your day.


Place your orders for parts from APG directly in OSCAR. Our advanced integration means your order lands straight into our system and begins processing right away.


All orders placed using OSCAR and BuyerAssist are delivered to you by our team of delivery professionals. All orders are tracked using our APG Connect software, visible on the APGiQ portal allowing you to see the status of your order, the location of your order, and up to date ETAs.

Using our integration with OSCAR allows you to view your invoices, estimates, statements and track your orders right in APGiQ. This level of flexibility lets you work the way you want with APG.

Start Your Business Working with OSCAR and APGiQ

If using our OSCAR integration and OSCAR Buyer Assist will help you drive the efficiency and effectiveness of your business, then we are ready to start. Simply fill out the contact form below, and our team of Local Field-Based Account Managers will contact you to understand your business and how APG can help.