Aftermarket Auto Parts

Aftermarket products are new parts supplied as an alternative to Genuine parts. They are manufactured, branded, and sold as a more cost effective option whilst still exceeding APG rigorous quality standards for fit form and function.

APG Aftermarket

APG understands the changing automotive landscape in Australia. An aging vehicle car park, inflation, consumer affordability concerns and evolving insurer remuneration practices make the financial case for aftermarket parts stronger than ever. 

Key Supplier Relationships

APG primarily sources its aftermarket products from Taiwan-based manufacturers, with over 80% of collision parts coming from three key vendors: TYC, DEPO, and TYG. These global vendors are publicly listed Taiwanese companies with strong financial backing, advanced R&D departments, and a commitment to environmental health and safety (EHS) practices.

Why Aftermarket Parts?


APG is committed to changing perceptions of aftermarket collision parts by investing in quality initiatives, all aimed at enhancing customer confidence in APG products.

If your older vehicle needs new parts, and part affordability is paramount then our range of Aftermarket parts is for you.

Fitting our cost effective Aftermarket parts will get your vehicle back on the road and within budget.

Sourced from OE Manufacturer

Across our six product categories, body, direct fit lighting, cooling, electrical, LED lighting and mechanical, we have a range of Aftermarket products under our brands ready to get your jobs finished.

Take your Auto Parts to the Next Level

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