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Your One-Stop Shop for Auto Electrical Parts. Get the right part for car alternators, starter motors, A/C halogen globes, window switches, relays and more.

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APG Auto Electrical has built its rock-solid reputation on its product quality, and great partnerships with independent parts stores and mechanics. Reputations like this aren’t built overnight.

Our commitment continues after the parts are fitted to your vehicle. To ensure your vehicle stays on the road we offer our No Fuss Warranty on all APG Auto Electrical products.

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Car Alternator

Starter Motors

Halogen Globes

Halogen Semi-Sealed Beams

Window Switches

Combination Switches


Components & Accessories

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Tu Nguyen
Tu Nguyen
31 July 2023
Good place to find auto part. O o o o Riley. Auto Parts.
Trevor Adshead
Trevor Adshead
14 February 2021
Excellent a very happy client here cheers thanks
Graham Stu
Graham Stu
13 January 2021
They had the items I required
Maddison Kate Turner
Maddison Kate Turner
11 September 2020
Have used for the last 3 years, great people and delivery times. I still give them 5 stars even though they missed one supposed to go today, because mistakes happen and they made it right.
kennny robo
kennny robo
18 August 2020
Great to deal with but are only doing trade customers for now