TJ WRANGLER 00-07 460/488/32 Radiator PA AT CPJWA-34001
CHEROKEE XJ 785/268/32 R/H O/C Radiator PA AT CPJCB-34003
3.6/3.8L P WRANGLER 558/518/26 Radiator PA MA CPJWB-34000
3.7L PET C’KE 01-08 509/508/26 Radiator PA AT CPJCD-34001
4.7L V8 G/CHEROKEE 588/524/28 Radiator PA AT CPJCI-34000
G/CHEROKEE 4.OL PET 565/505/32 Radiator PA AT CPJCA-34001
TJ WRANGLER 96-00 460/488/32 Radiator PA AT CPJWA-34000
4.7L V8 G/CHEROKEE 595/548/24 Radiator PA AT CPJCC-34002T
WK V8 GRAND CHEROKEE 637/510/26 Radiator PA CPJCG-34001
4.0L 6CY G/CHEROKEE 595/548/26 Radiator PA AT CPJCC-34001
5.7L WH G/CHEROKEE 588/508/32 Radiator PA MA CPJCF-34002T
4.7L WH G/CHEROKEE 588/508/26 Radiator PA MA CPJCF-34001
4.7L WH G/CHEROKEE 588/508/26 Radiator PA MA CPJCF-34001T
CERATO LD 2.0L PET 375/668/16 Radiator PA AT CPKCR-34000
RIO 1.5L 4CYL PET 350/628/26 Radiator PA AT CPKDD-34000
SORENTO 3.5 PET -06 578/628/26 Radiator PA AT CPKSO-34000
PREGIO 2.7L DSL 375/528/32 Radiator PA MT CPKPG-34000
RIO JB 1.4L & 1.6L 368/648/16 Radiator PA AT CPKDE-34000
K2700 PU 2.7L DSL 400/528/32 Radiator PA MT CPKKA-34000
SPORTAGE 2.0L 4CYL 450/516/26 Radiator PA AT CPKSA-34001
RIO 1.5L PET 4/5DR 350/638/26 Radiator PA AT CPKDC-34001
MENTOR 1.5L & 1.8L 345/688/26 Radiator PA AT CPKMB-34002
CARNIVAL 2.5L 6CYL 700/420/26 Radiator PA AT CPKCA-34003
G/C’VAL VQ 3.5L PET 440/780/27 Radiator PA AT CPKCC-34002P
CERATO TD 4/5DR 600/438/16 Radiator PA AT CPKCS-34000
SOUL AM 1.6 D 09-11 480/412/26 Radiator PA MT CPKAM-34001P
SORENTO 2.5 DSL 06- 468/650/26 Radiator PA AT CPKSO-34001
SORENTO XM 3.5L PET 670/485/17 Radiator PA AT CPKSS-34000
MENTOR FA 1.5L PET 375/638/26 Radiator PA AT CPKMA-34001
RONDO UN WGN 2.0L P 640/490/16 Radiator PA AT CPKNA-34001
RONDO RP 2.0L PET 635/480/14 Radiator PA CPKNB-34000P
SORENTO 3.3/3.8L P 580/640/26 Radiator PA AT CPKSO-34002
SORENTO XM 3.5L PET 670/485/18 Radiator PA AT CPKSS-34000P
LEXUS RX330 3.3L V6 675/478/22 Radiator PA AT CPTZH-34001
IS200 2.0L V6 PET 375/718/16 Radiator PA AT CPTZD-34000
LEXUS RX330 03-05 670/491/16 Radiator AA AT CPTZH-34000
GS300/400 3.0L PET 400/758/16 Radiator PA AT CPTZC-34000
LEXUS LS430 4.0L V8 425/758/26 Radiator PA AT CPTZK-34000
LEXUS LS400 4.0L V8 400/758/26 Radiator PA AT CPTZE-34000
LEXUS ES300 3.0L V6 400/728/26 Radiator PA AT CPTZI-34000
LEXUS SC430 4.3L V8 400/758/26 Radiator PA AT CPTZL-34000
LEXUS RX450H 3.5L 450/765/27 Radiator PA MA CPTZT-34001G
LEXUS RX400H 05-08 608/250/16 Radiator AA CPTZS-34001G
LEXUS RX450H 3.5L 450/767/27 Radiator PA MA CPTZT-34000
LEXUS RX450H 3.5L 450/767/27 Radiator PA MA CPTZT-34000G
W163 M CLASS PET 610/538/32 Radiator PA AT CPBMA-34000
C CLASS W203 P/D 650/398/26 Radiator PA AT CPBAI-34000
W123 PETROL/DIESEL 415/494/32 Radiator PA AT CPBAB-34000
VITO W639 2.2/3.0L 680/415/26 Radiator PA MA CPBVB-34000
MB100/140 2.3L PET 450/578/26 Radiator PA MT CPBMB-34001
C-CLASS W202 4CYL P 617/418/32 Radiator PA AT CPBAE-34000
C CLASS W204 P/D 642/438/26 Radiator PA AT CPBAW-34000
SPRINTER 2.2/2.7L D 680/408/40 Radiator PA MT CPBSC-34002
W123 2.3L/2.5L PET 415/568/32 Radiator PA AT CPBAB-34001
C-CLASS W202 V6 PET 610/418/36 Radiator PA AT CPBAE-34002
MERC A CLASS 2.0L T 650/413/26 Radiator PA AT CPBDB-34003
R320 W251 3.0L V6 D 637/528/42 Radiator PA AT CPBRW-34000
SPRINTER 308-412 TD 680/408/40 Radiator PA AT CPBSB-34000
A CLASS W169 ALL P 652/409/32 Radiator PA AT CPBDB-34001B
307 1.6L & 2.0L PET 380/549/26 Radiator PA MT CPPWC-34004
206 1.4L/1.6L DOHC 380/549/22 Radiator PA MA CPPWB-34001
207 A7 1.4L 4CYL P 380/388/26 Radiator PA MA CPPWE-34005
306 XR N5 2.0L T/D 667/358/34 Radiator PA MT CPPTB-34004
SIERRA SJ413 1.3L P 375/378/22 Radiator PA MT CPSSA-34002
SWIFT RS415 1.5/1.6 375/565/26 Radiator PA AT CPSJD-34000
VITARA 1.6L G16A P 375/488/26 Radiator PA AT CPSVA-34001
JIMNY 1.3L 4CYL PET 375/448/26 Radiator PA AT CPSSB-34001
VITARA JLX 2.0L V-6 425/518/26 Radiator PA AT CPSVB-34000
IGNIS 1.3L/1.5L PET 375/348/26 Radiator PA AT CPSZD-34000
VITARA XL7 SER 1/II 425/598/26 Radiator PA AT CPSXB-34000
LIANA RH416/RH418 350/708/26 Radiator PA AT CPSZE-34000
BALENO 1.6L 4CYL P 350/518/16 Radiator PA AT CPSBA-34000
FZ 1.4L P 400/519/16 10-17 Radiator PA AT CPSJE-34000
G/VITARA 2.7/3.2L P 450/698/16 Radiator PA AT CPSVD-34000
VITARA 2.0L J20A P 425/488/26 Radiator PA AT CPSVA-34003
VITARA XL7 SER III 475/598/26 Radiator PA AT CPSXB-34001
G/VITARA 1.6L 4CYL 425/518/26 Radiator PA MT CPSVC-34001
SWIFT 1.3L 4CYL PET 327/338/32 Radiator PA MT CPSJC-34000
G/VITARA 1.9L T/DSL 450/698/16 Radiator PA MT CPSVD-34002
BALENO 1.8L 4CYL P 350/600/26 Radiator PA AT CPSBA-34002
BALENO 1.8L 4CYL P 350/598/26 Radiator PA AT CPSBB-34000
GOLF IV 1.6L – 2.0L 650/398/26 Radiator PA MA CPVGE-34000
GOLF 5 1.9L T/DSL 650/388/26 Radiator PA MA CPVGF-34003
POLO 6R 1.4L T/PET 649/389/26 Radiator PA MA CPVOE-34001T
GOLF 5 2.0L T/DSL 650/448/32 Radiator PA MA CPVGF-34002
BEETLE PET & T/PET 650/358/32 Radiator PA MA CPVBB-34000
POLO 6R PET/DSL 649/328/26 Radiator PA MA CPVOE-34000
TRANSPORTER T4 P/D 720/348/32 Radiator PA MA CPVTA-34000
AMAROK 2H 2.0L P/D 615/588/22 Radiator PA MA CPVAH-34000
XC90 PET/DSL ALL 620/529/40 Radiator PA AT CPLLF-34000
240 2.0L/2.2L PET 448/416/32 Radiator PA A CPLLJ-34001
S70/V70/C70 T/PET 620/422/32 Radiator PA AT CPLLS-34003
940 2.4L PET 595/418/32 Radiator PA AT CPLLN-34000
S40/V40 1.9/2.0 T/P 622/329/26 Radiator PA MA CPLLR-34001
S70/V70/C70 T/PET 590/388/40 Radiator PA AT CPLLS-34002