Discover the APG Advantage: APG’s Lifetime Warranty

In a bold move reflecting their unwavering commitment to customer, APG, the nation’s largest independent supplier of genuine, certified, and aftermarket parts, introduces a lifetime warranty for all its products. This groundbreaking initiative aims to foster your trust and satisfaction in the dynamic and competitive automotive industry.

APG’s lifetime warranty covers an extensive range, including body, lights, cooling, electrics, and suspension, regardless of whether the parts are genuine, certified, or aftermarket. This industry-first approach sets APG apart as they redefine standards within the automotive parts sector.

According to APG CEO, James Knox, in an article by The National Collision Repairer, the lifetime warranty guarantee sends a clear message to the repair professional – APG has been dedicated to your success from day one. The company is unwavering in its pursuit of building a strong, collaborative relationship with you as a current or future customer.

Aligned with this initiative, APG consistently pushes not only the genuine range but also expands into certified aftermarket parts. The no-fault lifetime warranty provides you with comprehensive coverage, offering a credit or refund for parts that malfunction due to defects, ensuring your peace of mind.
At its core, the lifetime warranty represents a game-changer for a customer-centric approach. It showcases APG’s dedication to customer satisfaction, aiming to be more than just a provider of collision parts. Instead, APG aspires to be your trusted industry partner, delivering a tangible advantage to you.
Traditionally, warranties have been restrictive, often excluding entire product categories or requiring fault on your part. APG’s comprehensive and customer-centric warranty breaks this mold, setting a new standard for trust and transparency in the industry.

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