Chief Executive Officer, James Knox – Leading the way

Chief Executive Officer, James Knox is leading the way together with us, his dream team. As Australia’s leading independent supplier for genuine and aftermarket automotive collision parts.  

Over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Started in the corporate finance industry and slowly transitioned to the insurance industry, smash repairs, and now collision parts.  

In an article by The International Collision Repairs, CEO James Knox was featured. He mentioned that he initially crossed paths with APG (Auto Parts Group) because of his role at Repairhub. As APG was one of his major suppliers at the time. Also, the founder, Stephen Campbell and he have known each other for ten years. Inspired by their work, he stepped in as CEO when the founder decided to step back from the business.

Being the Chief Executive Officer is no easy job, but it is a fulfilling one! Now rolling up to our 30th anniversary this 2024, he has no plans of stopping at doing what we do best. Nevertheless, we are pumping up the innovation, quality, and service this year – expect nothing less than the best! He doesn’t just want us to sell collision parts. He aspires for APG to be trusted partners in the industry, seeking to provide our customers a real advantage!


In the featured article he also mentioned that many things are currently happening and will be happening in the near future for APG. A fresh perspective meets a seasoned legacy – James’ ambition paint a bold future for us.

Plans such as construction for new facilities, innovation, and technology, nurturing meaningful relationships in the industry. These all-play hand in hand in order to succeed.

He explained that we wanted to push into the aftermarket opportunity. As our main goal is to support the growth, we’re experiencing and the demand for alternative parts.

Having steered APG to success, his experiences crystallize into wisdom, a beacon for those embarking on their own industry journeys. He mentioned a lot of advice for the next generation. Here are some of his key takeaways:

 He believes that even if you might only get 90 per cent of decisions right, this is better than making no decisions at all.

“It’s about being prepared to make that call, and then measuring, monitoring, and following through with it.”

The importance of taking care of your people, Knox emphasises. “They are everything.”

Want to thrive in the automotive industry? Our CEO, James Knox, is your living, breathing textbook. From strategic decisions to caring leadership, he embodies the perfect blend.

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