What is a Q-Certified Part?

The highest form of quality assurance for aftermarket parts.

Q Certified – Not all aftermarket parts are the same. Q Parts are aftermarket parts that have been certified by either TÜVRheinland or CAPA & ECE. An E-mark is evidence of compliance with the Australian Design Rules, where applicable. These international agencies test and certify that the aftermarket part is comparable to the quality of the OEM part.

Q certified uses CAPA (Certified Auto Parts Association)

CAPA’s certification tailored for the Australian market place includes an independent validator (Intertek) to ensure CAPA certified parts have OEM equivalence of fit, form and function for our domestic carparc. Intertek engineers conduct rigorous in-factory monitoring and inspections on over 50% of the part lots to ensure CAPA’s high standards continue to be met, even after a part has been certified. Intertek are responsible for the audit and approval of the manufacturers’ factory and quality systems to insure that CAPA’s unique factory standards and requirements are met. www.capacertified.org
The partnership with CAPA makes Q-Parts the only Australian certification program that is truly independent.

Q certified uses the TÜVRheinland Certification Scheme

The TÜVRheinland Certified scheme certifies parts based on TÜVRheinland’s worldwide reputation in conformance and quality certification. The all new Part certification program launched 1st September 2008. It is a not for profit organisation whose aim is to contain or reduce the cost of insurance claims whilst maintaining safety and quality standards.
To qualify as a Q Part the part must be either TÜVRheinland, CAPA certified or E-marked. An E-mark is evidence of ADR compliance.

Q certified means ADR compliance

Australian Design Rules (ADRs) are national standards for vehicle safety, anti-theft and emissions. ADRs do not apply to cosmetic crash parts such as guards, bonnets, grilles, bumpers and the like. There are a number of ADRs that apply to vehicle lighting. These ADRs incorporate the UN/ECE regulations. The method we use to establish ADR compliance for our Q Part lighting range is by including e-mark products in our Q Parts range. This ensures the lights are manufactured in accordance with the manufacturing process set out in the relevant UN/ECE Regulations. All Q Parts from Auto Parts Group are specifically manufactured for right hand drive vehicles, increasing safety for users. www.infrastructure.gov.au

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