Celebrating Success: Auto Parts Group Hosts Aftermarket Champions Lunch!

Auto Parts Group (APG) is thrilled to celebrate the success of its Aftermarket Champions Lunch! This unique initiative was designed to strengthen relationships and recognise the achievements of our valued aftermarket partners – the repair shops who are the driving force behind our success.

Building Strong Bonds Over Lunch: 

The Aftermarket Champions program focused on connecting with these top performers directly at their shops. Through sponsored lunches, APG representatives fostered open communication, gaining valuable feedback on current aftermarket programs. These discussions provided insights into the shops’ needs and helped APG identify areas for improvement. 

Celebrating Top Performers: 

The lunches also served as a platform to recognize the exceptional contributions of our Aftermarket Champions. One such example is Devonport Accident Repair Centre and their dedicated team. They were acknowledged for their outstanding commitment to providing high-quality aftermarket service. 

A Collaborative Partnership:

Both repair technicians and business owners appreciate the value APG brings to the table.

  • Devonport Accident Repair Centre highlighted the profitability and ease of installation of APG’s Aftermarket DEPO lights.
  • Fortress Collision Eagle Farm echoed these sentiments, praising APG parts for their precise fit, minimal adjustments needed, and time saved on repairs. They further emphasized the positive impact on their business profitability.
  • Gold Coast Collision remarked howPurchasing parts from Auto Parts Group makes it an incredibly easy to deal with process, providing a seamless ordering system and prompt delivery. Their knowledgeable team is always ready to assist, ensuring we get exactly what is needed without any hassle. We highly recommend Auto Parts Group for their excellent service and reliability in delivering top-notch aftermarket parts quickly and efficiently.” 
  • CARe Automotive Group – Arndell Park outlined how “APG offers a large range for many vehicle manufacturers with increasing quality. It’s great to have alternatives to genuine parts which adds more profitability to our group.” 

Looking Ahead, Together:

APG extends its heartfelt gratitude to all our Aftermarket Champions. Their dedication is a cornerstone of our success in the aftermarket industry. Together, APG and its Champions look forward to delivering even more value to customers and continuing to champion excellence in the aftermarket sector.