APG at the Front of Innovation for Certified Aftermarket Parts

At the forefront of change, Auto Parts Group (APG) steers Australia’s automotive industry into the future. Embracing the aftermarket, we champion a future where certified products chart the course for automotive repair excellence.  

As we navigate its way into nurturing relationships with our suppliers, repairers, insurers, and consumers. Levelling the playing field for certified aftermarket parts for the automotive repair industry can be challenging.  

 Embracing the Aftermarket: A Future of Certified Excellence

In a podcast by Paint and Panel last April 2023, James Knox, Chief Executive Officer of APG said that there are challenges faced by repairers, insurers, and parts suppliers about parallel and aftermarket parts. He shared a lot of insights about how a business in the automotive repair industry can profit more. Through informed parts choices and potentially incorporate aftermarket options into the mix.

His mission isn’t to simply push a product. It’s about fostering a win-win scenario where everyone benefits. Repair shops gain access to cost-effective parts that maintain quality standards, insurers see their bottom lines improve, and car owners get their vehicles back in pristine condition, often at a more affordable price.

From Challenges to Solutions: APG’s Mission for a Thriving Aftermarket

2023 has been a pivotal moment for the us. Nearing the end of 2023, dreams turn into reality in their recent study tour in Taiwan. As we bridged the gap between a group of 14 repairers, insurers, and key multisite operators and aftermarket suppliers in the said country.

Through a recent Paint and Panel feature, APG unveiled their deep dive into Taiwan’s innovative aftermarket solutions. In addition to that, the article said “APG is quickly becoming a pivotal player in Australia’s automotive future. APG, believe Aftermarket parts could quickly become the game-charger this industry is looking for.”

The opportunity to do a 4-day tour to Taiwanese manufacturing factories firsthand allowed the group to deconstruct the product development process, revealing their dedication to quality control at every stage.

Despite the jam-packed itinerary, the group found time to indulge in Taiwan’s culinary delights. Also, an insightful presentation conducted by an Intertek professional. Around the CAPA Certification process, including opportunities within the Australian Market.

Insights, indulgence, and a shift in gears: Our Taiwan expedition concludes, leaving a trail of strengthened ties and a clear vision for the future. Certified aftermarket products take the wheel, promising to drive Australia’s automotive landscape forward. Buckle up, we’re leading the charge!

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