Introducing APG Connect

We understand your business success depends on efficient scheduling. APG Connect is a web based application that gives you the visibility to keep track of your parts from order creation to arrival at your store, all with your mobile. It’s all designed to give you the information about exactly when your parts will arrive, so we can help your workflow.

How does it work?

Track your order from start to finish in 3 easy steps.

  • We process your order, inspect it and load it for dispatch.
  • You get a confirmation email sent to your nominated email address. (Contains all delivery and invoice details)
  • Now you can follow your part via GPS and Google Maps, with the estimated arrival time displayed.

APG Connect gives you the confidence to prepare the vehicle and communicate to your customers when their cars will be ready, as you can see the part is on its way.

How do I get APG Connect?

APG Connect is ready for you now, simply talk to your Auto Parts Group Account Manager or call your local branch and ask to be switched on.

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