We can source parts through our global manufacturer partners

We have the knowledge and the contacts to source the parts your business requires.

We know who to talk to. Don’t waste the time of your staff chasing parts. We can airfreight parts direct from the OEM Manufacturers- using our discounted rates.

Our procurement service

We have a number of manufacturers and parts importers that we have relationships with. A quick claims experience is a critical “moment of truth” for customers. Insurers that realise its importance are increasingly focusing on customer-centric approaches to claims fulfillment. Get the answers to your customers quicker about the parts needed for their claim fulfillment by talking to our parts sourcing experts.

We understand.

To understand customers’ needs, an insurer should first consider the distribution model in its sector. Building a relationship with a very large parts importer and distributor like us can be the first step in getting assurances of quality at the right price for your business needs.

Told you cant get the right part in Australia?
Try us.
We can go direct from these manufacturers and more.

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