APG Wants You to Check Out

After a year of checking in, it’s time to Check Out.

We have teamed up again for 2021 with local favourite craft brewers, Brendale Brewing Co., for the Check Out a bespoke version of Brendale’s Linkfield lager. This bespoke beer celebrates the hard work of yet another COVID affected year across the country.

This year, you’ve been asked to Check In to work, into the pub, into the supermarket and even the Uber. So, to close out the year we are inviting you to Check Out. The Check Out is an exclusive gift to our top performers of this year and includes a scannable QR Code that takes you to an automotive-themed trivia game.

We have to stress how important it is that the trivia is not consumed with the beer, particularly for something like, a drinking game. So please, if you’re inclined to test your knowledge against some trivia, please don’t get us in trouble with our lawyers and Trivia Responsibly.

“We have collected some really brain-teasing questions for our trivia game, and it would be a crying shame if people enjoyed several beers while trying to answer the questions. We hope that most people get the questions right, and one or two beers won’t help their performance, it’s not at all like pool.”

Scott Glover, National Sales & Marketing Manager.

Check Out is a limited batch brewed for APG, and only selected customers will be rewarded with a carton. We heard some light-hearted comments last year when some customers missed out, and this year will be no exception with only 200 cartons headed out the door.

Brendale Brewing Company is part of the group of craft brewers that are “Certified Independent”, with an independent group to ensure they produce craft volumes of beer, are not owned by the one large multi-nationals or masquerading as a craft brewer by a savvy corporate marketing team.

The Linkfield lager is an Australian style lager designed to be an easy drinker, that crushes thirst. It is brewed in-house at Brendale Brewing Co. in Brendale, Brisbane.

APG would like to extend their thanks to all involved in the project, including the amazing team at Brendale Brewing Co. We hope those who received the beer enjoy it, and those who didn’t, enjoy our automotive-themed trivia with a beverage of your choice.

Auto Parts Group supports the responsible service of alcohol.

Please drink responsibly.