Paint & Panel Bodyshop Digital Excellence Award

Flow Autobody

Digital Excellence Award Sponsored by Akzonobel

Information supplied via Paint & Panel, and APG Interview with Jai Aguilar

The Paint & Panel Autobody 2020 Digital Excellence award was presented to Flow Autobody this year, via a livestream, quite fitting for the winners of the Digital Excellence award. The experts at Paint & Panel chose Flow Autobody as the recipients of the award based on “..Digital marketing.. because it is so outstanding, however the business uses all manner of other digital tools to help with workflow, parts ordering and accurate colour matching as well.

Now we aren’t the judges from Paint & Panel, so we wanted to see first hand what Flow Autobody does that made them such stand out winners for the Digital Excellence award. So we had a quick chat with Jai Aguilar, second generation shop owner and seasoned business manager, to understand his strategy business-wide.

Here at APG we are honoured to be chosen by Flow Autobody as one of their key suppliers for the 2020, a hard year endured by all. Jai was quick to choose APG based on our complimentary path of digital achievement, old school service and alignment with his future goals. APG’s and Jai’s common goals solidify the existing relationship, and we are excited to see where this takes Flow Autobody in the future.

Flow Autobody and APG share values of improvement and innovation


High Transparency

Flow Autobody are aware of the typical barriers in the repair space, the first being the gap in knowledge and expectations around repair times. We all know the importance of expectation management, yet this can often be a task that businesses struggle with especially with a more and more digitally connected, and expecting, customer base.

“Builds Trust”


To manage their customer’s expectations, provide up to date information (expected in an age where you track your pizza to the door) Flow Autobody uses their customer portal to communicate this information. The customer portal effectively manages the process for their users, and reaps the benefits of increased customer engagement and managed expectations. It has the added benefit of removing the burden placed upon the admin team, and allows 24/7 access for customers to updates.

Flow Autobody’s Customer Portal gives their customers up to date information on their vehicle repair

At APG we’re familiar with using technology to effectively offer transparency and set expectations, with our APG Connect app. This app is offered free of charge to our clients, and that allows them to track their orders, invoices and deliveries.

For the savvy business owner, as you collect more data about your systems to you can make informed decisions and improve your key metrics. The APG Connect app provides the right information at the right time, to help our clients effectively manage their supply chain, schedule their workflow and promote efficiencies.

APG Connect – Order Confirmation
APG Connect – Delivery Details
APG Connect – Live Order Tracking

Find out more about APG Connect here –

Qualified Information/Industry Credibility

Content is crucial on digital platforms to drive engagement, promote credibility and generate views. Flow Autobody truly understand the value of cultivating this digital relationship with their customers, which highlights the general industry’s lack of adoption and serves to place Flow in their own tier.

“The currency on social media is information”


Flow Autobody uses a broad digital strategy including blog posts, videos, social media and ebooks. This strategy captures the majority of internet users and touches on numerous points along the user journey, solidifying Flow Autobody as a reputable source amongst it’s peers.

The quick reaction to the post on Flow Autobody’s blog, How To Remove Light Scratches, is “You’re giving away trade/business secrets to Joe Public”. While this is true to some extent, and we always value careful selection of content, there’s a few counterpoints to consider.

  • Knowledge of a task does not translate to experience, especially for difficult tasks
  • The above process outlines the minimum required tools to complete this task, and few people have the necessary tools at their disposal
  • By showing the quality and depth of technical knowledge of these repairs, consumers will position the business as an authority in the space

So with the right piece of content, you can create authority for yourself, discourage amateur users from attempting work out of their skill level and position your business to capture the engaged audience that have found your content.


As veterans of the body repair world, we can often overlook obstacles that our everyday clients see as insurmountable. One of the key hurdles is the process of getting in touch with a customer service representative in a way that suits your users.

The avenues for communication are growing in a digital age, and we only need to look towards best practice in the digital space to see the uptake in Live Chat growing each day. As the biggest players in the digital space move onwards, the expectations for everyday consumers grows along with them.

Flow Autobody have looked at how their customers can contact them, and leveraged existing customer expectations to offer live chat on their website.

Flow Autobody let customers contact them on their own terms, including using a Facebook integrated Live Chat function

Aligning with customer expectations builds trust, and offering ways to let customers deal with you on their terms will reap rewards. Here at APG we follow this philosophy by developing our APGiQ electronic parts catalogue (EPC) to help you get the right parts to suit the vehicles your quoting for, and the ones in your yard.

We also appreciate some of our clients have existing preferences for parts ordering on their site, so we offer our full range of parts through programs such as Parts Check, Oscar and Repair Connection. That means you have access to the full 40,000+ parts listings at the tip of your fingers, 24/7.

Our APGiQ system let’s you search by VIN, vehicle details and more. To get started, click here –

Flow Autobody Looks To The Future

When we asked Jai what his plans were to take the Digital Excellence crown in 2021, he responded with “Purpose, Mission and Values”. Jai is carefully putting his plan into action to clearly define Flow Autobody’s purpose, create their company mission and extract the values from that process. Once that’s been achieved, the company will then live and breathe these three pillars to drive Jai’s vision for innovation and excellence.

How can APG help you?

Great businesses are build on solid foundations and extraordinary relationships, and at APG we’re happy to be part of Flow Autobody’s success.

We’d like to extend the offer to you, and see what APG can help you achieve your business goals. Get in touch with your local sales rep or member of our parts interpreter team to discuss building or creating your APG relationship.