Paint & Panel Bodyshop Business Excellence Award

Damage Control Accident Repair Centre

Axalta Business Excellence Award

Information supplied via Paint & Panel, and APG Interview with Anthony Arnold

Damage Control is the posterchild for the new ideology of accident repair centres that really capitalise on the “centre” aspect of the term. They are devotees to the teachings of Ansoff’s Matrix, and have focused on a true diversification strategy of entering new markets with products that are new to them. Their existing accident repair market, and panel/spray painting product have given way to encompassing the “one stop automotive” shop. This has materialised in offering mechanical repairs, including scheduled servicing, general vehicle repairs, tyres and wheel repair.

Anthony’s team is critical to his success.

It was this ground breaking diversification strategy, along with robust workflow tools that have netted them the Axalta Business Excellence Award for Paint & Panel’s Bodyshop Awards for 2020.

“Diversification is the future model for the body repair industry”


Damage Control look towards their supplies to hit their bottom line goals, and APG is happy to be part of their success. Our Q-Part certified parts program offers extremely competitive pricing while maintaining the fit, form and finish of genuine parts that is demanded by high quality, diversified, repair shops like Damage Control.


Damage Control’s owner Anthony agrees that change is absolutely critical in the autobody industry, with pressure squeezing in on all sides. Consumers push up with increased competitiveness from multiple providers, and insurance companies push down for decrease cost of repairs, leaving repairers like small panel shops left hanging.

Anthony’s answer to this pressure is to expand Damage Control’s offerings past the typical panel shop, and expand laterally into tyres (and alignments), mechanical servicing, wheel repair alongside their existing panel beating and spray painting service. This is part of Damage Control’s broader strategy of capturing more of their existing customer bases’ business, while attracting new customers with the broad skill set of the business.

“We are a true One-Stop-Shop for our customers”

Damage Control splits it’s offerings into four main streams, Accident Repair, Tyres, Mechanical and Spray Painting..

This has paid dividends for the business, solidifying their bottom line, diversifying their risk and netting them an award in the process. We can only imagine Anthony is proud of Damage Control’s achievements so far.

Diversification in Damage Control’s overall business would be in vain if their suppliers didn’t back their endeavours. APG step up with a parts solution that offers parts to fit their particular challenge at the time. We offer a wide range of Genuine parts (for situations that require it), our Q-Part Certified program (for high quality repairs with competitive pricing against Genuine) and our Aftermarket range for cost-conscience repairs. This flexible approach to parts procurement is essential in supporting Damage Control’s diversification strategy.

Business Efficiencies

As Damage Control splits it’s focus into multiple product offerings and markets, the story is different for it’s admin burden. Rather than duplicate admin roles and responsibilities across the different profit centres of his business, a core group of staff undertake the essential business administration tasks. Reducing admin staffing overheads has a positive impact on the bottom line, while promoting efficiency in streamlining business processes.

Collapsing the admin tasks doesn’t mean that profit and loss are combined however. Each business unit is run separately and as an independent profit centre. No section of Damage Control subsidises the other sections. This means each section must stand up to profit generating scrutiny, ensuring that only functional and profitable arms of Damage Control remain.

The use of low-energy, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints minimizes curing times can give gas usage savings of up to 50%.
Damage Control’s premises in Forestdale, Perth, Western Australia.

Efficiencies don’t stop at just value on their bottom line, with more tasks completed inside of Damage Control’s domain they have greater control over their work output. Keeping a close eye over the quality of all their separate services, has lead to higher quality work and greater customer experience. This has paid dividends in feedback from customers and review platforms alike.

Damage Control capitalise on APG broad categories of parts to effectively supply their panel repair business, while supplementing their mechanical hard parts needs with our range of high quality cooling products, rotating electrical and suspension components.

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