APG Authorised Workshop Program


As a local independent business like yourself, Auto One Parramatta knows the importance of proven partnerships and understands how critical it is for automotive workshops to have a reliable supply of quality products at the best possible prices.

With [insert Authorised Distributor] and APG, one of Australia’s largest independent parts supplier, your workshop will benefit from improved workflow as well as maximising profits, a necessity for every business.

Over 25 years APG has invested heavily to provide the most efficient supply chain and widest choice of parts, boasting our comprehensive range of Genuine, Q-Part Certified and Aftermarket parts. This coverage and choice delivers your business the competitive advantages it needs.

We’re excited to present your business the
partnership of an Auto One Parramatta and APG Authorised Workshop.

The partnership offers business value benefits, designed to make your business more efficient
and profitable. You can be assured Auto One Parramatta and APG are committed to delivering
high quality parts with industry best practice service.

We’re looking forward to supporting you as a true business partner, both now and in the future.

Program Benefits and Inclusions

Dedicated local account managers and customer supportY
Competitive MarginsY
APG Product Training and ongoing supportY
Inclusion in APG industry/consumer promotions for supported categoryY
Access to product images and data for Workshop’s website uploadingY
Business listing with click-to-call on your supported product brand website(s)Y
News page feature article on the workshop on supported product brand websiteY
Social media post from supported APG brand social media pageY
Promotional Signage and marketing collateralY
Free supported category merchandise packY
First access to product type range extensionsY
New product range introductory offersY
Free supported category merchandise packY
First access to product type range extensionsY
Ask your Distributor about the benefits of the Joint Marketing Fund offering you Business Value:
• Repair Times and Methods
• Access to APG Match Fit Customer Training Program
• Contribute to Carbon Offset Programs
• APG design and build Workshop version of supported product category website
• Branding/marketing consultation, strategy and support
• Social media post from APG brand pages
• Google Adwords consultation (keyword choice & daily budget)
• Branded “pre-made” social media post supplied
• Branded embroidery on staff shirts
• Plus more… see overleaf for more details
Business value opportunities available for redemption of Joint Marketing Fund per activity value.
Legend: (Y) Included in program tier*Terms and conditions apply.

Workshop Program Joint Marketing Fund Rebate Spend Options

The [insert Authorised Distributor] and APG Joint Marketing Fund offers your business the opportunity for additional value, through business promotion. The fund operates on mutually supportive relationship, i.e the more APG product you support through [insert Authorised Distributor] the larger your fund opportunity.

  • Additional social media post off APG or APG brand social media pages
  • Additional news page feature article on the workshop on supported APG product brand website
  • Supply of branded “pre-made” social media posts
  • Sponsor/co-host trade night at workshop’s premises
  • Tutorial and or set up of social media advertising and daily budget
  • Tutorial and or set-up of Google AdWords keyword choice and daily budget
  • Regional print design & advertising space
  • Regional radio production & broadcasting
  • Regional TV increase exposure on existing campaign
  • Promotional/information flyers design, print and delivery
  • Vehicle co-branded signage
  • Professional photos travel, photography time, editing, uploading
  • Website design/consulting/copywriting (excludes ecommerce)
  • General branding and marketing strategy, consultation and support services
  • Contribute to local community programs
  • Plus more…

Authorised Workshop Requirements

The APG Authorised Workshop Program is exclusively available to Australia’s most reputable workshops.
Those where extensive knowledge and customer service excellence is the norm. Where recognised and established repair procedures are followed using ethical diagnosis and repair methods, with market competitive pricing and professional transparent quoting processes.

In partnership with your local distributor, your local APG Account Manager will ensure you immediately begin to enjoy the full array of benefits the partnership program has to offer, including receiving the range of quality APG products, marketing material (reception display), and much more.

Please note all APG Authorised Workshops must perform correct maintenance procedures to adhere to warranty terms and conditions, completing the job in full the first time, and work to ethical code and work practices including vehicle diagnosis, quoting, and pricing.

To get things started, your Distributor will set up a time with your APG Account Manager to go through the program in detail, and complete your Memorandum of Understanding.


Dedicated local account managers and customer support – Your APG account manager will have a focused priority on growing your business. This is supported with an initial higher call cycle and a local state-based phone Parts Interpreter team.

APG’s No Fuss Warranty – Only available on selected products.

APG product training and ongoing support – APG Account Managers will conduct introductory product category training with all staff. New staff or new product updates to be conducted as required.

Inclusion in APG industry/consumer promotions for supported category – No additional requirements to fulfill to be included in any APG major industry (workshop) focused or end-user consumer focused promotional campaigns for the product category the Distributor supports in this partner program.

Access to product images and data for website uploading – Images and product data supplied for supported product category. Subject to signing APG’s IP agreement. Distributor to bear costs associated with upload to website, or redemption of JMF value.

Business listing with click-to-call on affiliate brand websites – Workshop contact details listed along side your Authorised Distributor with active “Call Now” button, location map and “Get Directions” button for Google Maps.

Promotional signage and marketing collateral – Internal and external program and brand signage will be supplied based on supported product category.

Free supported category merchandise pack – Supported product category determines merchandise received.

First access to product type range extensions – The opportunity to purchase first when APG introduce a new line in an existing product type range. Eg radiator for latest vehicle model released.

New Product range introductory offers – The opportunity to receive an introductory purchase offer on selected product types entirely new to APG’s product portfolio. Offers will only be extended to Distributors who support that
product category.

Access to APG Match Fit customer training program – Depending on tier participation, as modules are developed, your business will have access to APG business systems and staff professional development training platform.

Contribute to carbon offset programs – Either combine your contribution with an APG program or nominate your own choice.