As APG enters its next stage of development, so do our brand identities and logos. As of the 1st of July, we are introducing new visual identities for APG, All Crash Parts, Genex, Nocturnal and MotorKool. These new visuals will be present at all touchpoints in our sales channels.

The more modern looks mark the first complete family rebrand in over 10 years and will more authentically represent our values; Creating Customer Value, Inspiring Trust, Fair Industry Disruption, and Empowered Team Environments. The new visual identities reflect our commitment to continuous improvement, including embracing technology to improve business processes, and our drive for supporting independent automotive business.

Our current logos have enabled us to develop new brands and establish them into the market. As part of the design process, appropriate inspiration was taken from existing identities to ensure heritage and continuity for new visual identities. Our brand heritage has informed APG’s humility, and allows us to remain humble in each forward step and continue our brand stories.

Auto Parts Group

Colour Heritage To maintain our heritage, we’ve kept our corporate black and yellow colours.

Humility Our word mark uses a lower-case font to represent our core value of humility.

4 Platforms We’ve taken cues from our datum and transformed our logo into our 4 APG Platforms.

APG Our new modern logo has set us on a path to be known as “APG”, by both our customers and by ourselves.

All Crash Parts

Colour Redefinition We’ve migrated into a simple, strong bold red for our new ACP logo.

Heritage True to our history, we’ve retained the datum and updated its presence.

Innovation Our new ACP font is clean and stylised to enhance our innovation, reputation and to solidify ourselves as an industry leader.

Oval ACP now sits inside an encapsulating oval, a trusted shape representing protection.

All Crash Parts – Product Quality Logos

Q-Part Certified

Only products that meet our Q-Part Certified Program requirements will wear this logo.


Our range of Genuine products offered by ACP will be identified by this logo.


The range of affordable Aftermarket products will bear our new logo as above.


Longevity The new MK logo has been designed with longevity in mind, allowing it to weather trends effortlessly.

Colour Our colour black reflects the automotive application cooling category, and the blue represents water and cooling category.

Innovation The new MK font is clean and modern, reflective of our innovation, reputation and ensuring our status of an industry leader for the future.

Green As we see a greener future, MK will be there to supply the next wave of mobility options.


Colour The modern colour of lighting is blue, and Nocturnal reflects this with our Nocturnal blue.

Light Beam The blue beam underline emphasises Nocturnal and provides a clear link to our lighting product group.

Modern As modern lighting solutions adopt slimmer styling and increased technology, Nocturnal moves with these trends with a refined appearance.

Test of Time Nocturnal products are built to last, and the hard edges of the block letters represent this product trait.


Colour Genex is now green, to represent our immediate future of EV tech and our vision for the future.

Movement Our Genex logo is written with a forward slant (italics) to portray forward movement and progression.

Lightning The Genex logo is conductive, with electricity present between the “N” and the “E”. This provides a link between Genex and our electrical product category.

Plug In Future The classic electrical plug shows itself in the space between “E” and “X”, a hint at our new mobility, and future Genex product.

The new visual identities will be rolled out on our digital platforms, packaging and marketing materials from the 1st of July. This will be an immediate change for all new products and marketing materials, however in the interests of their environmental policy, existing stock will continue to be sold with the retired logos. That means for a time, you see both brand identities in circulation.

We’re proud of our brand history, and we’re excited to see where our new logo direction will take us in the future. We hope you come along for the ride.